Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been forever since my last post, I'm sorry for the lapse. I'm not very good at regularly writing down what is happening in my life!

I just finished the first semester of my senior year. I wrote one out of three chapters for my thesis, and sat with three professors in my department and talked about it. Slifkin, the dept. chair, said that I handled Benjamin really well (a famous, famous art historian who gets academically man-handled a lot) and that my conclusion, or at least where my conclusion is going, is very post-modern. That is most exciting because I developed the idea myself.

I also took a Roman Art History class, and wrote a large research paper for that class. It was not as satisfying as my thesis, I didn't really feel like I had ideas to chew on. But I think, in the end, my paper reflected this: I did a lot of research, I know a lot about my mosaic, and it's really hard to make one over-arching conclusion about what a 2,000 year old piece of art means. The third class this semester was Humanities 210, and I will confess that my engagement in that class petered out at the end. I started out strong - even read the secondaries! - but have yet to read Paradise Lost. First book on summer reading list, I don't want to miss that one.

My roommate and I are about to transition. Her boyfriend moves out of the dorms into the one bedroom we're splitting, and I pack up to move to Seattle for two months to live with my best friend since childhood. I haven't begun job-hunting yet, but my target job is waitressing, barista, or retail. I've never heard someone say they were glad to have a job in that area, but it's only for two months, the first two have higher chance of tips, and hopefully the %10 of WA unemployed don't want those jobs (irregular hours, no health insurance).

This summer I'm definitely attending the Oregon Country Fair, and July Coronation. I have a high priority to revamp my wardrobe, continue exercising on a regular basis, and visit all these doctors (eye, dental, dermatologist, allergist, etc.) I've been meaning to for so long. If my finances work out really well, as in Financial Aid loves me, I may actually visit the East Coast, see friends I met in Italy.

Let's see if I can also write another chapter of my thesis this summer. AHG.