Saturday, May 24, 2008


I left CA for Australia Tuesday night and arrived in Sydney Thursday morning. (When we return, I'll arrive four hours before we left; such is life crossing the international date line). Shortly after arriving, we drove five hours to Wagga Wagga. As our host Clancy put it, Wagga Wagga is five hours from everything - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, the South coast. BUT we still plan on having plenty of Aussie fun here in Wagga Wagga, and are laying plans to visit some of these other more iconic Australian locations. My goal right now: hold a Koala bear (they do it in the zoos!).

Among my first culture-shock moments was this sign from Burger King... or not! "Hungry Jacks" serves "Brekky" at 6am... Also, note, the toilets all have two buttons (half flush and full) and ketchup is called tomato sauce.

I have a picture (hard to come by, I'm telling you!) of the guys I'm staying with - Clancy, our Aussie host, and Sean, my boyfriend. This picture is outside the dorm-cabin we're staying in on-campus. What you can't see in this picture is the attack of the birds that happens around dawn, a huge cacophony of sound that would wake the dead.

And this is a happy picture of me and Sean (see? I'm alive!).

I have more pictures from the last few days, including a record of the first college prank I've helped pull, but I'll post them later. Right now it's 9am Sunday morning - I believe that puts all the West Coasters at 3pm Saturday? Yeah, you have quite a while yet before you even catch up to Sunday with me.


Joseph said...

Wagga Wagga: Walla Walla's cousin down under. I wonder if it shares the title " the town so nice they named it twice."

I like two-button toilets. They have them at PDX, and seem to me an excellent idea.

Enjoy yourselves,

Kate said...

I demand moar ınformatıon! Moar! MOAR! Also: those are the cutest pıctures ever.

Re: two-button toılets: the varıatıon on thıs water-savıng theme here ıs to just have a button for "start" and a button for "stop". Works equally well.

(Forgıve me my undotted Turkısh ıs, please...)

Rosa Schneider said...

Australia! What side of the road do they drive on down there?
And I'm sure you've answered this, but why are you staying in a dorm? just cause that's where your friend lives?
Well, can't wait to see more!