Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Being in Australia

So, as you can see in the previous post, I've recently learned a lesson about leaving my boyfriend alone with my logged-in blog for even two minutes!

In response to Rosa's comment on my first post, I post this picture! It's a little disturbing sometimes, still, to get used to people driving on the other side of the road. When riding in the car with Clancy, if we're on a long stretch of two-lane road at night, and a SEMI comes down the other side, I still get scared and think there's a head-on about to happen... Also, crossing the road is hard. I've adjusted to looking right first, but every time I reach the median my brain screams TO THE LEFT NO RIGHT NO LEFT OMG I'M GOING TO DIE. So, I'm still getting used to it, and always cross while holding onto Sean.

We haven't been doing much yet, since our only transport is Clancy and he's in school right now. Pretty boring. But it's kind of fun, because I have a chance to just chill out. All sorts of things take getting used to, because everything is the same while still totally different. Even the little containers the fries come in (and they're called chips) are different - I'm constantly relearning how to open packages, how to refer to foods, Australian slang (bums up, bums down... "we stuffed it"). Nutritional Info doesn't even have calories - it's in kJ. But then we walk into someone's common room to find a friend, and her house-mates are playing Donkey Kong on the TV. Or watching The Sixth Sense.

Note about the weather: It does NOT feel like late fall here. It gets a bit cool in the shade, yeah, but in full-blown sun I feel like I'm going to whither up. And then all these Australians are complaining that it's cold and turning the heat on indoors. The only time I believe it's cold out is at night, when you need a nice coat and hat on to stay warm outdoors, but it's nothing like the NW. Also, it hasn't rained yet. Not one drizzly drop. You can see in these pictures of a church near Wagga Beach (river-front, not ocean) just how much sun there is, and how gorgeous the sky is every day right now:


Marjorie said...

DO NOT DIE! Also, enjoy Australia! Find a koala for me, and a platypus.

Love, Margie

(also, how much is postage down there? Can we be pen pals or will you be too harry-carry traveling bird?)

Cassie said...

Strange as it may seem, you're going to miss that drizzly grey rain. I know I do. Hope all is well with you!