Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Nunnery

These pictures are of the hostel we stayed at in Melbourne, I really enjoyed it there. For like $28 bucks a night we got a bed in a room of twelve, that's six bunk beds. This hostel, compared to Melbourne's Glebe Village, was clean and friendly and awesome. I liked the people who were staying here, and the staff kept it sparkling while still being my kind of weird people.

Early morning nostalgic shot, taken as we left for the train back to Wagga. We stayed in the room with the balcony on the second floor, hidden by that awesome tree.

These shots are on the balcony, after our aborted Royal Botanical Gardens day, while Sean and Clancy knocked back a few Old Toohey's (I think their favorite brew, after trying quite the variety together at the pubs). After this we went on the hunt for Bimbo's Pizza, which we thought was a Pizzeria, and turned out to be a bar. Thought my heart would stop when the bouncer wanted my ID and I realized I didn't have it - we headed back to the hostel and there it was on my bed. Yes, we went back for the $6 pizza and couldn't finish eating them.

Here you can see my Dragonfly earrings. They disappeared somewhere between girl's night in Wagga and Sydney. I am heartbroken. I bought those while on a road-trip with Esther and Mike. My favorite earrings. Gone, somewhere in Australia.

Here, you can see the warm, friendly, clean entrance hall for the hostel. The door you can see leads into a living room with tv and books. Note the doorknob in the middle of the door. This place was built early 20th century as a house for a doctor, turned into a real nunnery some twenty years later, and turned into a backpacker's hostel in the late 80's.

This is the landing for our floor, with an awesome not-fireplace. I didn't even see the third floor 'til we'd stayed four days, and there were other building too. From the courtyard there was a grate stair way up to the third level, and then along part of the roofline to the floor above our room with a great view - but I have to get the pictures from up there from Sean's camera.

This statue was tucked away in the bend of the staircase, and was underlit only at night.

This shot reveals the computer room, where we had our first introduction to Global Gossip, the provider they used for internet access. You buy a card with a PIN on it, and put as much money on as you like (rechargeable). Depletes your account by $1/15 min after you log on with your PIN. Cool system, but made me feel bad about the time it takes to download photos and post things, so we stuck mostly to email checking while we were in hostels.

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