Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trees and more trees

I discovered, in Australia, that I have a thing for trees. They just look... so picturesque. So, bear with me, these trees actually have stories attached to them. Most of them.

This tree is outside The Greasy Spoon on Clancy's campus. We ate Potato Wedges with Sweet Chili sauce and Chicken Wraps nearly every day while in Wagga Wagga, and on our last day in Wagga before heading to Melbourne I thought it looked particularly enchanting.

These tress are in Carlton Garden outside the Exhibition Hall, which was all right across the street from our hostel, The Nunnery. The mottled color is characteristic of this tree (a type of Eucalyptus?) and I thought that from this angle the park looked a little more feral than the tame, pruned, heart of a 4 million people populated city. We walked through this park nearly every night, and had our adventures with Ringtail Possums here.

While we were wandering the Northern part of downtown Melbourne in search of the Victoria Market, I thought this tree was awesome. It reminds me a bit of how the Roman Pines looked in Italy, so tall and majestic in the middle of the street that they always looked like a mist curled around the

Found this tree on our aborted mission to see the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne - it was getting cold for Clancy and Sean, so they napped for a bit while I photographed the scenery. We were across the Yarra River, and the bridge in the background was Swan St. If you Google it, you'll see how close we were, but I didn't want the boys to freeze to death (the sun was setting and it would only get colder, and we still had to walk back).

This last shot is on the way up the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is why it was taken near the trees' tops and not from the ground. By this point of our journey, Clancy and Sean were far less patient with me stopping to taking pictures (oo, pretty trees! oo, sunset! oo, buildings!) and I was more ornery about it ;)

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