Saturday, September 20, 2008


While we were still in Pescia, we took a day-trip to Pontito, a small medieval village in the Tuscan hills. I believe this is what happened (I'm guessing some of the names): after a harrowing experience trying to turn down a narrow bridge in a bus (at which the driver succeeded!), we ate lunch in Castel Vecchio, and then lounged about a playground. The bus then drove up to Stiappa, and all but a few of us went on a hike via the trail used for centuries through the Tuscan chestnut forests to Pontito. At the bottom of the valley was all sorts of interesting art, like bicycles in the trees. When we finally made it back up the mountain, the fresh water fountain (true medieval style fountain) was so wonderful feeling... Some students actually dipped their heads in it. This town, as I've said, is the hometown of an artist who creates nearly perfect reproductions of the town despite not having been there for 50 years or more? Also, it's just plain beautiful. The landscape is breath-taking. So far, it is the most precious experience because I know that only through this program would I have ever had it. 



Esther said...

I love your pics Chica!

Ulric said...

I love your blogs. Happy to know you are settling into your new life. I look forward to seeing your relationship with your host family unfold.

Also, we need to communicate on skype at some point.

Joseph said...

Bicycles in the trees? How so?