Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick-pre-dinner post...

Just to cover my promise, here is a photo from my perspective in bed in Florence my first night:

But, before I cover my orientation trip:
So, we just arrived back in Florence today. I settled in very quickly with my host family, who speak as much English as I do Italian, perhaps a little more. The father, Lui-Andrea (apologies if I have spelled it wrong), works in textiles, with denim, and could speak very well with me about the quality of a cloth and its dye, but when we try to discuss anything more mundane (when do I do laundry? Where is your son? How do I ____?) the mother understands barely a word I speak, and the father very little. Once I laid my things down, this afternoon, I fell into "just a short nap, I swear" and woke up... 6 hours later. After dark. At 8:30pm. And no one was home. I got ready to change into pj's and truly call it a night when the parents came back from visiting THEIR parents across the street (and taking the dogs for a walk) and now dinner is being prepared! Wha?! Italians are a bit crazy when it comes to food and their schedule, and I totally forgot.

Also, I think Lui-Andrea said something about a Filipino woman who works here from 10am to 6:30pm, is crazy, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. I am a bit confused - I think she's their maid, but why woud she be here so many hours of the day? Office assistant to Lui-Andrea? (Let me say, I will get you some photos soon, but it is so posh here, why are they doing host-family? This place is huge, and gorgeous, and filled with antiques!).

That all said, I have to go to dinner. But, now that I've napped and have internet, I may be finally capable of making a post regarding my school, the Sarah Lawrence College (SLC) students
I've met, and the orientation trip in general.

Arrividerci amici,

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Esther said...

wow, that sounds crazy. I don't really have anything to say in response, but I wanted to say you have all my love and best wishes and stuff like that. And if you need someone to talk to (assuming you can skype or some other way of calling me) you can call me at any crazy hour of the night or day.